About us


The story of Medusa begins in the sun soaked hills of Greece where traditional family recipes and farm fresh ingredients were combined with his family’s love of traditional Greek cooking to bring the family together. This was the foundation that helped Peter Koutsopoulos build his dream of bringing the traditions of Greek cuisine to the world.

Peter came to Australia 40 years ago and opened him first Greek Restaurant in Parramatta. Success followed shortly thereafter with new restaurants opening in Dural, a café and a brasserie and yet something was missing for Peter. He still longed for those traditional flavors from his Mama’s table.Peter went home and rediscovered these aromas and flavors and brought them back to Sydney to create Medusa; a true Greek experience in food.

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“Some restaurants understand that if they serve great food and give excellent service people will come back – Medusa is definitely one of these. – Trip Advisor Review (September 2015)” – Medusa

“Dined here last night with three others and the whole experience was just wonderful. From the minute we entered we were made welcome by staff and owner. The highlight was the Greek lamb shoulder and the prawns. I want to go back tonight!! – Trip Advisor Review (September 2015)” – Medusa